Top 8 Saddest Moments In Comics

Spoiler alert, I am going to run down some of the saddest moments in comics and will reveal some big moments from comics, so be wary.

Harry Dies in Spider-man’s arms

When Harry finally managed to get the upper hand on Spider-man and get the kill, he snapped to his senses and in his final moments, he told Peter that he was sorry. incredibly powerful scene with few words.

Terra betrays the titans

Beast Boy had always been the funny guy, he was the one that nerdy kids could really relate with. When he finally found love you were so happy for him, the geek gets the girl. Terra then revealed she had been spying on The Titans for Deathstroke and was banging this old one eyed dude, a moment that tore out Gars, and the readers, heart.

Ultimate Spider-man dies

The Ultimate universe is a mixed bag, but Ultimate Spider-man was one of the best characters to come out of it. When Green Goblin takes the killing blow on young Peter Parker it was a moment that shocked readers, and even the other villains. Peters final words to his Aunt and MJ were so well written you felt for this young hero.

Tony Stark confesses to dead Cap

Marvel’s Civil War is undoubtedly one of the coolest story arcs to happen in the Marvel universe, and when the final battle was over and Cap was shot down, Iron Man went to Cap’s body to finally confess that he felt he was wrong the entire time and to apologize for what he had done.

 All Star Superman, goodbye pa

I’ve never liked Superman, but the incredibly emotional All Star Superman was full of great moments. My favorite was Clark’s heartfelt goodbye to Pa Kent, a scene that resonates with anyone who has lost thier father.

Kitty phases away

Kitty Pride has always been a joke, a corny kid character that followed around Wolverine and got into hi-jinks, when a giant ship is headed toward earth Kitty uses all of her strength to phase the ship through the planet saving everyone, but sacrificing herself in the process. A redeeming death for a character considered lame by many.

355 dies Y 

Even though you root for Yorrick to find his girlfriend the entire time, you can’t help but see the love that begins to flourish between Yorrick and 355. During the final showdown with Toyota you knew 355 was gonna kick ass and win, but when she didn’t it was a sad death that you didn’t see coming.

Rick loses Lori, again

In a world where loss was constant you never thought Rick would be the one who loses people. Kirkman warned readers that no one was safe, and when Lori and Ricks infant child were murdered by The Governor and his goons we knew he meant it. We had seen Rick lose and regain his family a couple of times, but this time it was permanent.

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