This week in video game releases

January is a slow month for video game releases, eh?

If you’re looking for something good to play, download the gloriously narrated game Bastion and play the (not really new) extra content after you beat that wonderful game. Or you can wait until January 10th for the games below.

Jan 10, 2012

King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (PC)

A strategy game set in the… well, the title tells you well enough when  and where this game is set. There are goblins, guys. And other things  to fight. And a lot of goblins. This is a sequel to the fairly popular first  game in the series.

Apparently, improvements were made according to early reviews. So, PC People, Britannia is calling. Go start your own round table and divide and conquer and defend.



Gotham City Imposters (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Gotham City Impostors is a FPS where one team dresses like a poorly done cosplayed Batman and the other team dresses up like a poorly dressed Joker, and these teams try to kill each other with conventional weapons, traditional batman gadgets and outlandish weapons. Betas were released with Arkham City and I… did not take advantage of it. I probably won’t take advantage of this game either, but HEY! I am one person and I’m a little picky with my downloadable games. The screen shots look hilarious.

This is a downloadable title for all major systems. Have fun teaming up with up to 8 of your favorite digital friends and running around Gotham as Not Really Batman and Joker and trying to brainwash each other — it’s a game mode. Really.


CRUSH3D is a remake of the PSP’s game Crush, both being a puzzle game.

Switch between 2D and 3D views to solve puzzles.

The original Crush was received well, and even garnered a few awards. Both are published by Sega, developed by Zoe Mode.

If you own a 3DS and it doesn’t melt your face off, and you’re looking for a puzzle game, you’re in luck, dearest handheld gamer. Go out and get your hands on a copy of CRUSH3D.



Next week:

I do some internet investigating and try to gather as much information on popular January DLC, and more January game releases.  And an official title for this new weekly article.

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