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Pocket Casts, $2.99

I’ve covered podcast listening apps in previous app-aholics articles, but I’ve stumbled upon one that rivals all of them.  Pocket Casts is like all of the other podcast apps on the market when it comes to audio; it lets you subscribe, download, and listen.  Pocket Casts really shines when it comes to video, which is something that most podcast apps fall short on.  Simple and to the point Pocket Casts lets you download podcasts, audio and video, equally.  If you’re a podcast fan (and with networks like the 8 Days a Geek Network who wouldn’t be) Pocket Casts is well worth the $2.99 price of entry.

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FourTrack, $9.99

I know what you’re thinking, “what the heck, this is one of the most expensive apps that have ever made it into App-aholics.”  Why, yes it is, but it is well worth its price for anyone who needs this type of app.  FourTrack allows you to record anything you want and layer it, mix it, and export it for everyone else’s listening pleasure.  This app is great for musicians who need to lay down song ideas in a multitrack format on the road and have access to a slew of effects to help shape their sound.  So yes, FourTrack is $9.99, but for anyone who would use an app like this they know that a stand-alone piece of equipment would cost quite a bit more and not give you as many features.

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