Apple App-aholics Anonymous (Simple Physics)

App Name: Simple Physics
Price: $0.99

I’m a big fan of physics based game play so it’s no surprise that I jumped on a game with the name “Simple Physics”.  In Simple Physics you are given a task (the screenshots show building a submarine that can make it 300 feet below water) and you have to use lines that represent building materials to complete that task.  Some of the puzzles ask you to build simple things like a tree house that can hold three kids that are jumping while others ask you to build a Ferris wheel that can make several revolutions all the while you get to watch the stresses that your design in under.  There is a lot of thought that goes into solving one of these puzzles (remember that the outer most parts of a Ferris wheel get “heavier” as the wheel turns faster) so it really can keep you brain going.  You are given a budget to adhere to so you will nee to solve the puzzles with as few lines as possible.


Simple Physics is well worth the $0.99 if you are up to a game that challenges you to make better designs using the fewest materials possible.

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