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Well, hopefully everyone had a lovely Black Friday shopping experience. I know I did. I went to go see The Muppets. Yes, I know that isn’t shopping and I don’t care. I love Muppets, case closed. This movie is pure awesome sauce. I know Brandon already raved about it and so what? I am here to rave it some more.

First though I saw a preview for The Adventures of TinTin. This looks real interesting and I might try to catch that one. Better yet though my drink cup reminded me that more Sherlock Holmes goodness is soon to be here, OH YES!  I cannot wait for that one.

Now the movie was awesome and so was the Pixar short for Toy Story. Now I won’t lie my reviews are terrible and if you want a good one stop right now and go read the one that Brandon posted. Otherwise you need to take my word for it and go see this epic movie. Do it, Do it now!

I didn't mean this Trek sequel

In other movie news, I have heard some work is starting on Star Trek 2! I am beyond excited for this. I don’t think I was ever happier with a reboot then with this one. I will say proudly that I love the original series but I was sick of those horrid Next Generation movies. I will take Captain Kirk over any of them any day.

See you all next month!

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