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Good news everyone. I hear some rumors and have a little hope that the Retro-Action line from Mattel may continue. The first reason I give these rumors some cred is because Mattel is quite mum on the details. They had said sales of Kyle Raynor would give them an idea on where to go with the line. Well, Kyle sold well and no word. Now for some odd reason not long back the hard to find wave 4 was offered for sale on the Mattel website. Sales of these recent offerings have also been decent. No barn burner like Kyle but good indeed. Yet still no word from Mattel.

I don’t want to go around spreading rumors or getting peoples hopes up. It just seems to me that these events could bode well for the line. Not to mention that Mattel never really officially ended the line. Myself, I could see this line easily move over to a web only line as it should have been from the start. The real stickler here could still be DC with all their infinite wisdom. DC was so concerned with the 52 mess that they wanted all the old toy lines killed. You know they don’t want to confuse the weak minded who can’t figure out that Batman toys sell and Mothers really don’t care about the multiverse.

Here is a crazy idea for DC. DON’T TRY FIXING WHAT ISN’T BROKEN!

It is a sad day indeed when Marvel can figure things out and make it work.

Now on to some happy news, folks!

The G.I.Joe club is going to offer a figure subscription service! So far the twelve characters have looked great and they most certainly made some awesome choices. A bonus 13th character will be made available to plan purchasers. Sadly, pricing has not been announced yet.

Also, in more awesome G.I.Joe news. JoeCon 2012 is going to be in New Orleans!!!!

See you all next week and everyone have a happy holiday!

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