Android App-aholics Anonymous (Google Shopper)

App name: Shopper
Usage: Price hunting and shopping
Price: Free

The holidays are sneaking up behind us like a ninja to run us through with their sword of family time and gift giving.  During this time you might find yourself asking, “what’s the easiest way for me to comparison shop this year?”

Look no further than Google Shopper.  This app will not only let you search for an item and return online prices for you, but it will also display advertised prices from stores in your area.  By giving you a list of stores carrying your item in several different sorting orders, Shopper makes planning any shopping trips a little easier (I for one shop online so that I don’t have to deal with holiday shoppers so I love being able to plan a quick trip when I do go out).  Shopper also has a coupon section for deals and discounts to places around you.

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