Tim’s Top 8 Comics of the DC Reboot

8. Nightwing


Nightwing, a KING rating in my original review, breaks into the top 8 because of the true quality of this book.  Taking the Dick Grayson character and moving him out of the Batman role and back into his Nightwing role is a task.  This book drew me in with solid art, an interesting storyline and the intrigue of the other Bat-Title tie-in of Dick being implicated as a killer.  Check out my review HERE.


Check out my full review HERE!


7. Justice League Dark


Justice League Dark, the highest KING rated book to make the top 8, was very close to being an ACE.  When the book was originally listed I was skeptical, but after reading it I am on board.  The coolest part about this story is that it’s reaching into the magical part of the DCU, which is something that has been largely overlooked in recent history.


Check out my full review HERE!


6. Batman


Overall I had six books I rated at ACE level.  Batman comes in at slot six on this list of the best books DC put together for the reboot.  It’s in this book that we find the Nightwing tie-in with Dick Grayson being implicated as a murderer.  Batman has some seriously intense moments and as the book that really showed Bruce back in Gotham as Batman again it has a level of intrigue above the other bat-titles.


Check out my full review HERE!


5. Superman

Superman brings us into the present with the newest version of Superman.  Action and Justice League being set in the past Superman is the only book where the character is showcased in present-day DCU.  The issue brought all the new facets of the character to light: Lois and Clark are not married, not even dating, the Daily Planet is a changed place and is rapidly going in a different direction than Clark wants it.  All in all Superman brings the man of steel down to earth a little.


Check out my full review HERE!


4.  Batman & Robin


As is to be expected the Batman and Superman connected books are a big part of the DC’s New 52 Reboot and I took point on them the next two books play a big part of that.  Batman & Robin slides into number four on this list.  This issue teams Bruce with his son Damien as Robin.  A paring that has existed before, but here Bruce is taking a much more heavy-handed father-figure role in Damien’s life.  For those of us who read Batman back in the day when Robin was being broken in, we remember how Bruce used to be…it’s even worse now.  And Damien is so much more experienced and wild than any Robin ever was.  This title could prove to be the best title of all in the DCU a year from now, only time will tell.


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3.  Superboy


It seems that Superboy will have a lot less to do with Superman than it will be Connor or whatever name this new book decides to give to the Human/Kryptonian hybrid.  What really propelled this book to the number three slot is two things: first, Scott Lobdell does an amazing job creating genuine interest in this character and second, the cliffhanger moment at the end that puts Superboy in position to be a villain.


Check out my full review HERE!


2.  Catwoman


This book was downright fantastic.  Catwoman has so many strong points going for it.  Judd Winick is writing.  Selina is even more in touch with herself…innuendo intended.  Catwoman and Batman get it on, costume style.  And despite every fanboy hating on it while secretly whacking off to the tonnage of cleavage jumping off the panels of this book, the story behind the boobs is incredibly solid and intriguing.   Love it or hate it, Catwoman is a book to pay attention to again.


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1.  Aquaman


No one is more surprised by this ranking for this Sub-Mariner rip-off.  But Geoff Johns taking the reins on this book has brought the character to his true prominence.  The fact is Aquaman is a badass.  He’s incredibly strong and near-invulnerable.  Johns does a fantastic job of playing up the fact that everyone thinks the character is a joke, even going so far as to have Aquaman go into a seafood restaurant to eat lunch and end up getting bombarded with asinine questions from another patron.  I can admit that I wasn’t very excited about this book, even knowing Johns was writing it, because I’ve never been a fan of this character.  But I was blown away.


Check out my full review HERE!


What were your favorite books of the Reboot?  I’d love to read your thoughts in comments!  Check back next week when I pan the WORST 8 of DC’s reboot!  (That should be fun!)

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