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Ah, October.

The chill is in the air.

I often wonder why this month has such a stigma to it. September is all fun and games and back to school. November is all about oversized birds and such. But not October. It is all about spooky and scary things. I would imagine it all goes back to fall harvest festivals of old. So, anyways I guess it is that time of year.


I, myself love this exact time of year. The weather is just right. My only complaint though is the lack of daylight. It seems to me that just as the weather gets to be at room temperature the darn Sun decides to only be out for a brief time. What the heck Sun? Did you not eat enough Jimmy Deans microwave breakfast food?


Okay so on to the big news. Avengers Preview! Yes, yes, yes. Why can DC not make a movie that is this exciting? Please DC! Stop trying to fix what isn’t broke and fix what is!

Why can't this be a JL logo?


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