Google and Samsung Announce the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0

Google has seen fit to bless us with yet another beautiful device for us to use.  In Hong Kong Google has just announced the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and gave us a deeper look at Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich).

Here are some of the finer points:

Galaxy Nexus
– 1.2GHz dual core cpu
– 4.65-inch Super AMOLED screen
– Barometer
– and all the regular Android goodies

Android 4.0
– Face Recognition lock screen
– Software buttons (no buttons on the phone)
– Built-in ability to take screenshots
– WebOS-like task manager
– Customizable lower app bar
– Updated Gmail client
– Chrome tabbed browsing
– Zero shutter lag (a picture every second)
– And numerous little tweaks


Overall I have to say that this phone and Android 4.0 really makes me love my move from iOS to Android.  We don’t know what US networks this phone will be on yet but I hope that it comes to mine.  Do any of you think that this is a good answer to the iPhone 4S?

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  1. Seems like a nail in Steve Jobs’ coffin.

    Too soon?

    Looks like my EVO has finally found its successor.

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