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Today I feel like throwing my two cents at a very hotly contested subject. In all my recent complaints about the DC reboot, I feel this is a similar issue. Anyone who is familiar with Star Wars knows that every time George Lucas rereleases his movies, he must change something. Now we can debate about Han shooting first or the infamous Luke scream in Bespin. But, I say not today. I want to just say my peace on the subject. First off I rather not see so many damn changes as I feel the original way was the best way. Now here is the thing though. As much as we all whine and that does include me, especially about the comic industry. We do not own them. We are only consumers. As such, by all rights they can do whatever they damn well please. If DC wants to make Batman wear pink, they can do it. On the same token if George wants to edit Jar Jar Binks into the classic trilogy. He can do it. He owns it and as such he will do as he damn well pleases.

Now you may say that as a consumer we do in a way own these things. Our money being paid to them makes them somewhat vulnerable to our whims. And this is very true, we respond with our money. And by all rights we should be pleased by these people. After all, it is our money that allows them to live the good life.

So, I suppose the point to all this is that it is a very fine line we all walk, as the seller and the buyer. It is a viscous cycle for sure. Is it fair? Is it right? Who knows? I just wanted to point it out and show both sides of this coin. So, how about we all try to be nice about it?

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