Deep End Of the Pull Box : Shadow Girls

Created by David A. Rodriguez and drawn by Dave Reynolds, SHADOWGIRLS is one of my favorite indy comics to curl up with a read again and again. The story starts with 15 year old Charon McKay  in an insane asylum hospital about to give birth after she has been missing for nine months. The stress of these events leads to her breakdown and a beautiful baby girl named Becka. But despite this dark start Charon steps up to become a great mother and stronger woman. Dealing with high school taunts of her being the “town slut” and “local psyco” is hard for anyone, but made so much harder by blone, rich and popular Chrissy Snow. The woman not only trashes her daily, but stole Charons best friend Jack away!

Years pass and like all young girls, Becka goes through the changes of being a teenager. In this case growing a blue exoskeleton, super strenth and shadow powers she uses on some not-so-gentelmenly- boys. Then some fishmen attack her calling her “shadowchild” and that she must come with them. Little do they know that across town the same powers are rising up in her mother Charon. Two Shadowchilds? Boy do these fishman have thier work cut out for them.

This is a well thought out story with a great twist on the old ‘impregnated but devil/demon/unknown forces plot. Both Charon and Becka are strong and confident in their actions. Unlike many comics where the mother becomes a weepy mess and the daughter has anti-social tendencies, these two are happy. Wierd I know! Charon is s tough woman who stands up for her right to smoke, sleep with who she choses, and be a damn good mother. Becka is sarcastic and sweet in a way the best girls are at 13. I cannot stand to read c0mics with  what I like to call “Boo-Hoo Characters”. Those that focus on one bad part of thier life and never gets over it. Well, pick up and read SHADOWGIRLS and watch as Becka and Charon get over thier past by kicking the ass of anyone that stands in the way of being a family. Plus demonic fishmen, seceret societies, cool cops, evil blondes, and amazing mythology!

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