Bin Fodder: Leave it to Chance – Part 2

Balancing the perils of childhood adventures and real life criminal activity it something Chance Falconer begins to experience more readily in the second story arc of the series.  It’s during this time that we see her branch out and make friends, while endangering their lives.


As issue five kicks off we are treated to a Devil’s Echo city-wide parade complete with floats and masked characters.  Chance comes upon a weeping boy whose monkey has been stolen by a gang of devil-masked villains.


A boy weeping for his monkey.  Anyone…anyone…


As it turns out the villains intend to use the monkey as a focal point for a magic spell which will bring a demonic creature from its dimension to Chance’s.  If you’ve seen the Hellboy movie, then you have some idea what this ends up looking like.



Issues six and seven are a two part story where Chance is sent to boarding school…every adventurous girl’s worst nightmare.  I get a real Three Men and a Little Lady vibe from the place and its headmistress too, which is never good.


The bonus?  Pirates!  Not only that, ghost pirates!




Issue eight shows Chance, with her newfound friends from school, back in Devil’s Echo (brought home from boarding school after the debacle with the ghost pirates) going to, of all places, the mall.


They are young girls and all so shopping is kind of in their genetic makeup.  But this shopping spree turns disastrous when one of the girls is mistaken for someone else by the “Phantom of the Mall” and winds up kidnapped!


Robinson continues the light and fun escapades of this intrepid character, much to the delight of all readers.  Chance grows as a character.  We see her looking out for her friends and not just following her own detective desires, but trying to help others specifically.


Check back next week as I finish my look at this short, but impactful comic!


For now,


This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.

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