52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Teen Titans

I had a lot of questions going in to this book, Who is that Witchblade looking girl, Who is that black fire chick, Why does Superboy have paper on his back, Have Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire been titans at this point, Whats the deal with the gay kid? This was just a few, I had a lot of questions.

None of these were answered, and I’m okay with that.

They did answer the old, "is Kid Flash an idiot" question


The book did not answer questions, if anything it raised more, Who is N.O.W.H.E.R.E., What is the purpose of “The Superboy”, and why does Red Robin fly? Scott Lobdell (the 90’s, more specifically X-Men) writes the teen characters like, well, teens, which is refreshing. I really like the changes that were made, especially to Wonder Girl… I mean Cassie, don’t call her Wonder Girl. Brett Booth (Everything Marvel, and Backlash) is great, he reminds me of Jim Lee which is good, yet he brings something young and extreme to the Teen Titans, a perfect fit. The book was good, it had some issues, but it was good.

This IS how teens talk, nothings fair, and everyone is a jerk


I give the book a KING, barely though, it squeaks by the queen mark because I have high hopes for the future of this book.









The Hooded Woman was there again, watching a beefy cop this time

sorry officer, I was just glowing in the woods

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