Wizard World Chicago Comic Con In Pictures: Part 2

More pics from Chicago Comic Con showing you a fraction of the amazing things we saw.


Chi Town on our way out of the con


So much Star Wars on day 2.


Blade! Look out for those Anime characters!


SOOOO HOT!! Worth the price of admission


I'm not sure what the one on the right is, but the other one is about the 20th Assassins creed cosplay


Aayla Secura is my favorite female Jedi, she better watch that clone trooper, the whole Executive Order 66 and what not.




Something for the ladies, or the dudes. I don't judge.


Little known fact, Zatanna loves Hello Kitty


This is exactly how I expect Doc Ock to look


Kaylee cosplay, I was shocked at the lack of Firefly cosplay.


Future Foundation costumes, Captain America looks sad, which with the current situation we are in that makes sense.


Even soldiers need to call the wife from time to time


Hmm, not very selective on who's gonna bust some ghosts


This background is insane, that's a vampire news guy and a hot Asian.


Godzilla was a nice guy, youtube Godzilla Battle Royale fun stuff


The emotion of green obviously isn't enthusiasm


Harley was tough.


Super hot chick, and uh... hot... chick...


Hot Mystique, why would she ever want to shape shift.


Jacen Burrows is a fantastic artist behind some demented, yet great, comics


always some creepy nurses lurking around.


Remote control R2-D2, everyone liked it.


This guy was just here for the wenches


Slave Leia's are always a welcome addition in cons


I know it's Star Wars, and I know this dude was 7 foot tall, but I can't put my finger on anything else.


scary, but it destroys the Halle Berry and Famke Jensen costumes from the films


Sucker Punch cosplay, enteresting new addition, but I like it.


Awkward combination of characters, but cool nonetheless


Wolverine, just chilling in line with us.


This little joke was about the most adorable thing I've ever seen


HOT, HOT, ugh Gambit....... ooh look HOT!


all in all, good outcome, bad design, okay experience. What did you think?

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  1. The Star Wars guy is Durge and yes those are some sad Green Lanterns.

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