Top 8 Cowboys

8. Irvine Kinneas

My AP ammo is the best way to kill a Tonberry, the FF geeks know what I'm talking about.

Irvine isn’t much of a cowboy, no ranch, no horse, but he does have a sweet hat, jacket, and gun. Isn’t that what its all about. A late addition to the team during Final Fantasy 8 this guy is a power house that isn’t to be taken lightly, even if he does wear a purple shirt.


7. Jake Lonergan

The movie was 6, but this bad ass was a 9

I liked Platinum Studios Cowboys and Aliens Graphic Novel, it was corny, but it had a fresh idea. The movie that came out in 2011 had about 1% in common with the comic, but it did introduce us to one of the most bad ass cowboys in cinema. Jake Lonergan, an outlaw who forgot his past and plans on beating the truth out of some alien invaders. James Bond as a cowboy? Yes.


6. Brisco County JR.

He's good with the boomstick

While it wasn’t the best show to ever grace television sets The Adventures of Brisco County JR. was classic Bruce Campbell cheese. The show was a bit confusing because of the hint of sci fi fantasy thrown in a very heavy western show, but Brisco and his allies were always fun to watch and if you haven’t seen it, find it, and love it.


5. Woody

Tom Hanks on the other hand has killed many men

This is one of the few people on this list that hasn’t killed someone, Woody was a friend that taught us the importance of friendship and growing up. Across three Toy Story movies Woody has been there, no gun, but he does have a sweet horse named Bullseye. While Jake Lonergan kills people from space, Woody makes allies out of them.


4. John Marston

I hate those slackjaws, and those zombies.

The hero of Red Dead Redemption, John Marston is an ex outlaw who is taken away from his wife and young son. You play Marston as he takes down corrupt officials and uncovers secrets that only he can fix. It doesn’t end at killing cowboys and indians though, Marston kills zombies as well and he does it well.


3. Rooster Cogburn

hmmm, the eye patch is on opposite sides... The Duke VS The Dude.

Whether you prefer the book, John Wayne’s smiley one eyed cowboy, or Jeff Bridges dirty ex-Marshall, you cannot deny Rooster is one of the best cowboys to ever fictionally live. If you haven’t read or seen True Grit then you are doing a huge disservice to yourself.


2. Jonah Hex

"I think I'm Pretty" Great line.

D.C. Comics scarred cowboy is the ugliest cowboy on this list for sure. Whether you prefer the future hopping Hex or the tough as nails western vigilante this cowboy has it where it matters. I feel bad that some people will only know Jonah Hex from the horrible Josh Brolin/Megan Fox pile of crap that some call a film.


1. The Man With No Name

It's like Dirty Harry, only he could kill anybody.

The star of what some consider the three best westerns ever, Clint Eastwood’s The Man With No Name trilogy is a cinematic masterpiece. Watch them, it’s one of the few trilogies that doesn’t suck by the end. Whether you have heard of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, A Fistfull of Dollars, or For A Few Dollars More or not this bad ass cowboy has used some of the coolest tricks and been in some the greatest gunfights to ever be on film.

Great comic, even his zombie is scary.

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