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I feel like story time!

It all happened one day while walking to work.

As I made my way across the gloomy streets and avenues, and I suppose a lane or two. I decided to stop and walk a short cut. Why I did it I do not know. I was very early to rise and as such very early to get my day underway.


I turned down what was now a dead end street that ended in a field. This field was once a neighborhood. It had been cleared for some atrocious commercial development. It had been years now. It may as well have been a big vacant lot in the middle of town.


And that is when I saw it. Most of the things left over from the old residents had long since left by both a cleaning crew and looters. Yet, here was something that sparkled in the light of the early morning.


It was some tacky small case. Metal was what it was made of. Very shiny and lightweight. A nice silvery color. Hinged on one side and with what looked to be a simple friction clasp on the other. It seemed so strange that it was here. It seemed too clean to have been here for years. And far to shiny to have been overlooked by others. It also seemed far to nice to have been forgotten.


As I continued to fiddle with it I wondered what was inside such a small case. It was so thin, I wondered if it might be some type of billfold. Perhaps I wondered if money was still inside. It was at this point I realized that I had not even tried to open it.


It would not open. No matter how I tried and tried it would not pry open.


I soon also realized I would be late to work now if I didn’t make haste.


I was afraid to leave it and have others find my potential treasure. Nor did I want to take it, in fear others would find it in my possession.


Work dragged on for days as it would seem. Everyone questioning my odd behavior. Before long I decided on it though. If the case could be opened. I would try my best to return it and the contents to the proper owners.


I felt so silly now as I walked from work. I had let this silly little case ruin my day. I was most sure that all I would find in it would be a photograph or some note. Yes, indeed some silly little trinket. No money in that dang thing!


As I crossed the vacant lot, I stopped and kicked over some small stones. I looked around and saw no one. As if anyone would be. I slowly moved a big rock and looked under it. How could this be! It was gone! How! Where could it have gone? I kicked the dirt and cursed the ground that had most certainly swallowed it up.


I moved the rock back and looked around me. The only foot prints I could see. Belonged to me.


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