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What if Conan the Barbarian became the Silver Sufer? That is how Genecy was described to me by  it’s creator Gerald Cooper. How could a fangirl resist? I am glad I didn’t.

Kaizaxx has been a slave all his life, as has all his people and most of the galaxy. Cruely enslaved by the technologicaly advanced Grunnod. The Grunnod have been serching for something. Something long looked for but never found, untill reaching Kaizaxx planet. Wanting only to free his people and himself, he journeys out to find the ancient key that could save them all. Fighting his way past an army of ancient warriors he proves himself, and a giant mystical being only known as Raknirod, bestows on him great power. The power to free his people and give new life to Raknirod.

This is an astonishing piece of art with nods to the old school way of comics. Let the hero tell the story not the writer. Show rather than tell.  Build the universe with the story, don’t make the story fit the universe. This comic does all of this and gives you more. One of my favorite things is seeing Kaizaxxs’ wrist chains that marked him a slave, later become his energy braclets. Such a small hidden detail that speaks volumes!  It takes a little while for the plot to get going but then you are off on the crazy high powered Sci-Fi adventure. Like the best of comics it can fit in any era or genre. I can see it on shelves in the 60s or as a cartoon show in the 80s. It has such life to this comic that you actually feel energized after reading it.

This energy must come from in part to the awe-inspiring art and colors. Drawn by Eddy Barrows and colored by Tim Ogul and Oren Kramek, this comics colors change with every setting and tone to fit the story so one is never bored. It urges you on the keep turning the page and see what glittery art-candy awaits you next.  But you don’t have to wait if you by the comic yourself.

Check it out at : Invision comics

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