Deep End Of the PullBox : Mahou Shounen

School uniforms giving way to colorful magical transformations. First crushes and an unwanted destiny. A team uniting to save the earth. Sounds familiar? Did I mention they are all boys? That’s right ladies and gentleman, magical sentai isn’t just for girls anymore! Mike Smith just wanted to get through his new high school, go to a college and get a good job. Simple, justifiable and more important :NORMAL! But sadly normal isn’t in Mike’s cards as he wakes up one morning to find himself posessed by the spirit of Summer. See Summer has other plans for Mike. Find the other seasons and save the earth from polution and evil doers. Now exactly the life Mike had planned.

I love this comic. With sailor Moon and Toyko Mew Mew, plus a dozen other “magical girls transform to save the earth” manga and comics, this is fresh. It still remains a Shojo (Japanese tern for comics aimed at girls with girl themes) without mocking or exploitation of other Shojo comics. But it also has this masculine undertone due to the  male cast. The boys in the comic repersent characters we’ve all seen before, the cool beauty, the hyper nerdy, the hopelessly adverage and the boisterous popular one. But the unique character designs and plot branch out these typical charcters in to full blown people you come to like reading about.

Created by  JD Saxon and  Dusty K Smith, this full color comic is well drawn and very creative. With the intersting coloring style and smooth panel layout this comic is a great read. One thing I always appreciate is facial expressions, and this Mike Smiths life tunred upside down he gives his share. The Japanese style of art, manga, uses large eyes the better to express the emotions on the face. Sometimes over exagreated, it can turn people off, but this comics pulls off the style very well, a difficult task for an american comic. For those who like shojo but have had thier fill of magical GIRLS.

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