Apple App-aholics Anonymous: Tumblr


Name: Tumblr

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Price: Free (Requires a tumblr account, which is free.)

Instead of using Safari or whatever browser you may use on your apple devices to look at/post to tumblr (if you indeed do any of that), download this free app instead.

The UI for this, especially since its last update, is clean and crisp and there’s no wasted space. The posting options are a little clumsy, but if you’re just going to post a picture or video, or even reblog something, it’s great.

Many photo and video apps have a tumblr log-in built into them (along with facebook, twitter, etc) and it’s nice to have an app that can directly edit that post if you want to add something to it. Using the mobile site just for that is nearly impossible if you want to be finished in a timely manner.

The downside, it crashes every once in a while, much like every other app on the market.


Tumblr-2 Tumblr-3 Tumblr-4

Tumblr-5 Tumblr-1

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