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Today I am going to talk about a toy line that I am very sad to see ending so soon. I had planned on doing a write up about it sooner or later but I feel a little rushed now to get this out there before it’s a dead line. This line is based on the old Mego superhero line up. Of course with no Marvel characters present. The under lying framework of the bodies is not Mego based though as Mattel wanted to use its own design. In case you or anyone is wondering, the body is from the old Big Jim toyline that was around about the same time as Mego. The line up has been real good so far and has offered a decent selection. The fist wave though did suffer from some quality issues that where luckily fixed, and surprisingly quickly fixed at that!

The fabric costumes are well made and show some real thought went into these guys.

The head sculpts aren’t too shabby.

These where suppose to be a Toys R Us retail exclusive. I never bought a single one at a Toys R Us, not many did. That might be a reason the line is dead in the water. Amazon is the best bet for anyone who feels the need to get these guys. Be ready though the online exclusives have already risen in price and now that the rumor is they cancelled this line it won’t get any better.

Love that artwork!

I am curious to hear why Mattel already cancelled this line. It isn’t even a year old yet. And, they also just expanded it out to include a Ghostbusters theme. I guess you could blame the lack of retail support. But, why not sell them on the crappy Mattel website then? MOTU sells pretty dang well that way.

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