Deep End Of The Pullbox : Bubba The Redneck Werewolf

Poor Bubba just can’t get a break. Typical drunken loser and Animal Control Officer for his small redneck town, his life was headen nowhere. Till one fatefull afternoon when he was bitten by a radioactive poodle that had escaped from the nearby cosmetic testing facility. Now he’s a strong, alpha male werewolf who can drink anyone under the table!

In one of his many heroic adventures, Bubba goes to the Drunk Olympics in Burpenfarten, a town populated by little people. Little people who drink alot. And chase squirrles. Anywho, here in the midst of such drunken joy another werewolf attacks. Seems like in all middle european countries, Nazis have taken over the nearby castle and are holding dangerous experiments to take over the world. These are not your typical Nazis either, oh no, these are GAMER NAZIS!!!!

So this odd little bite of comic was created by Mitch Hyman and drwan by Shawn Surface with colors by Frank Turner. The Bubba series is a real “plot what plot” comic that still somehow gives you a good time. Does it make you smarter having read it? No. Do you enjoy it for what it is, one long what the hell moment? Yes!  We are given so many generic horror comics and the imensly over used monsters, it is great to see Mitch Hyman take a new direction. A regular joe turned werewolf  is such an easy plot but everyone seems to act like they were the first to come up with the idea. I garuntee this is the first of  IT’S  kind.  The art is suprisingly well done and the covers are fantastic and beat some of the main stream comics. ???A fun read for fans of werewolves, or even redneck jokes.

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