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Just some philosophy today.

Life is a path. We never have the privilege of knowing the start. The end is the part we all fear and the part we all have the better chance of knowing. But, before we get to that point we have the most important part. The middle. On this path we have many choices. How fast we go. How slow we go. How aware we go. Every time we think we know this path we will be surprised to know that it had us fooled. Because beyond the hill we climb today and descend tomorrow another one will rise to the occasion. These rolling hills are nothing new. We all have them and so will our children and as such so did our parents. Yet Every time we seem surprised that yet another hill is here. When you don’t pay attention you will easily get lost. If you pay to close of attention then you will never move. Everyone has their own way to strike the best balance. If it is time to let the path lead then by all means let it lead. When it is your turn to rise up and forge ahead, do so. Never look back as you will only get lost. Never look ahead too far or you will give up. Pay more mind to the present before it will pass and become the past, never to be heard from again. Mind the forks in the road. Sometimes the high road is not best. Sometime the road less traveled is such for a reason. Never take the quick way because the things we miss will never come back. Remember that the things worth waiting for are the things we make worth waiting for. Life is like everything else we do. What you put into it, is what you will get out of it. Make the journey one worth doing, you will not fear it then.

We can learn so much from Kermit and Fozzie.

See everyone next week.

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