Deep End of The Pullbox :Death And The Man Who Would Not Die

What happens when there exists a man that Death cannot even catch? In this dark western tale we find out as Death himself searches for Josiah Clark, a thief and a mureders who is carving out terrible reputation across the west, as a man who cannot die. Seems Ol’ Joisah stole something from Death, a pocket watch used to keep track of the time a person has left on Earth. While he possesses his own watch  he can make sure time never runs out  and he never dies.

As good as Death is at finding people he needs a little help with this unusual case. So he revives Lucas Collins, Josiah’s old partner to help him out. If he can find Josaiah in 2 days Lucas gains another 2 days to live for himself. A deal no dead man could pass up.

This thrilling plot is created and written by James Patrick, a man I tip my hat to. This story is not just well written and original, but draws the reader further in with every turn of the page. Plus, with the well styled art of SE7ENHEDD and colors by JM Ringuet, turning the pages of this book is a delight. The edgey lines and warm tones give the genuine feel of a burnt western setting. Each panel reviels more about the book every time you read it, and what is the point of buying a book if you do not read it over and over again? A must have for any cowboy with a dark soul.

Check it out for yourself at : Silent devil Inc.

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  1. While you are flipping through this amazing book give your self more pleasure and find Deat comes to Dillinger, the companion book by the same people.

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