Contamination-con The Sequel

When most people see jason Voorhees, Leatherface, The Candyman, and an army of crazed Zombies, they tend to run the other way. This past weekend hundereds of fans travels far and wide to GET TO these monsters! Yes folks Contamination Con : The Sequel, held at the Westpost PLaza Chalet in St. Louis, offered a wide range of gorey-geekiness. With it’s wonderful layout and well set up viewing rooms, everyone had an easy way to see what they wanted. Whether it was the premier of  some new underground slasher movie, a panel featuring your favorite spook in the woods, or even a marathon of short films arranged for the ever busy fan, Contamintaion-con  presented them all. This was very refreshing as too many specialty cons (convetnions that are about one select gernre) are sloppy and do not offer much range in activities.

One activity, key word active, was the Zombie Hunt Room. Here one could sharpen thier skills for the inevitable  Zombie apocolypse. Placed in a dark room with only your gun and fellow surviors, you went through a maze of destruction never knowing who was waiting around the corner. With flashing lights and frightening noises this little room seemed like a pocket demention away from the well lit hotel were I had just come from. This reporter sadly did not do very well and fell to the zombies quickly. Fortunatly this was not the end of my adventure at Contmination- Con, as downstairs the real monsters awaited.

Horror movies, like their monsters, come in all shapes and sizes. From comedic Evil Dead to panty-wetting Freddy Krueger. All were welcome at this con as well as a few aspiring upstarts.  With great guests such as Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees), the entire 1994 Fantastic Four Movie cast (Including Dr. Doom), Tony Tood (The Candyman, who still scares the bees out of me) ,Brad Loree (Michael fron Halloween Resurection) ,Sean Patrick Flanery, David Della Rocco& Norman Reedus (fron the Boondock Saitns Movies), and various aspiring actresses and porn star celebrities. This was an ideal lineup for a con such as this. They gave what the fans wanted in spades.

I was particualrly pleased to meet one of my all time favorite villainess, the wicked  Queen Gedren from the Red Sonja Movie, played by the powerful Sandahl Bergman. She also was the leather wrapped barbarian Queen in Conan The Barbarian.


Now about some of these young upstarts. Many monsters find a hard time breaking into the movie business. It is sooo cut throat (get it?) but they try anyway. Instead of sitting around in their dead mothers basement, they set out into the world to become something horror-riffic! For example, The Bloodfest Club is a movie about a Chuck Noris enthused janitor that must save the graduating class from Zombie Aliens. They start next summer and judging by the picture on thier facebook page, this will be a class where everyone buys the yearbook!

Check them out on facebook or and support indy horror films!

Some people have already released thier creations on the unknowing public! Darren Dickersons  movie D4 is about a covert ops teams sent out to locate a missing child on a wild preservation. Unknown to the team, they are mearly test subjects for a much larger scheme.

Check it out at and buy it today!

Of couse not everyones monsters are ment to make it to silver screen. Some are old school. Using the stage to upstage the competition for main monster! The Angery Young Men LTD. puppest show is something you have to see. Seriously, put it on your bucket list kiddos! This troupe from Milwaukee set out a few years ago to bring something original to horror shows. Thier zombie infected brains spilled out this hillarious thing they call : “The Night of The Living Dead -the puppest show”.

An insperational show drawn from the original Night of the Living Dead realeased back in 1968. See it to believe it  at

Yes, there was many things to see and do at the Contamination-Con Sci-fi and Horros show. From spotting one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Bigfoot-

To trying out some Contaminated Cake created by the Sugar Artist Eric Woller.

This was convention that held it’s own with the big over the top cons I have gone to. Special thanks to the amazing and heldful staff. Every inevitable problem was quickly solved with a professionalism that is lacking at all too many cons. Last a deep thanks to Master Of Cerimonies Dr. Ivan Cryptosis Curator of the Macabre! Although sounding like Draculas black sheep cousin , he kept the convention entertained the entire show with his jokes and off beat humor.


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I travel the US attending every convention I can! Refairs in Wichita to ComicCons in Chicago. The Anime Fests and one day College Campus Sci-Fi days. I sell nerd-flavored t-shirts and animal hats(think Molly from Runaways) along with random Steampunk. My posts will be about a few of these cons and how YOU as a geek should prepare for them!
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