Apple App-aholics Anonymous: Snapbucket

Name: Snapbucket

Compatible Devices: iPhone

Price: Free

(Also available for Android devices).

Snapbucket is simple. Take the picture, apply some effects with the picture—or not, upload the picture to Photobucket, Facebook or Twitter. The most important thing I was looking for was the ability to upload a picture to photobucket, rather than take and edit a shot, but all of that comes in this free app so I won’t complain. Good for beginners, perhaps not so for those that like more advanced features with your photo apps.

Tested over wifi, the uploading itself is rather quick. The app is a little slow to start up, and it takes a couple of extra steps to upload a photo from the camera roll straight to photobucket, as you have to go through the editing pages. The photo gets uploaded to a sub album labeled snapbucket in the end. Or you can make your own set.

Photobucket requires a twitter account, facebook account or a regular ‘ol photobucket account to use this, so if you don’t have one of those three, be prepared to get one.

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