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Name: Amazon MP3
Usage: Music store and cloud streaming player
Price: Free

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Last week I reviewed Google’s Music Beta which is a cloud based music player with and Android app to help save space on your device by saving all of your music to the cloud. This week I’ll take a look at Amazon’s offering and see how they match up.

The Amazon MP3 app for Android started out as a great way to buy and download cheap music directly on your Android device, but it has grown into so much more. The Amazon MP3 app now has the ability to play music that is stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive (you can sign up for your cloud drive from inside the app). The starting package for your cloud drive is a free 5gb plan, however, if you buy an album (some as cheap as $0.69) your plan will be upgraded to 20gb at no cost for one year (you need to buy one album every year to renew).

So now you have a cloud drive, but you don’t know what to do with it; you have several choices. You could upload your own music to the cloud or buy music from Amazon and have the songs transferred automatically to your brand new cloud drive. You can always download your tracks later either with the Amazon MP3 app or via your computer. As far as buying music goes with Amazon; the experience is on par with iTunes in most ways and they beat Apple on price on a large amount of music.

The cloud drive and app are free to have and Amazon puts a “free track of the day” on the app’s home screen to help you try the player out so you really have nothing to loose but storage space and thanks to the Amazon cloud player you should have a little more of that lying around.

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