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Oh! Boy! It is book recommendation time. I have decided I will no longer call what I do reviewing since I don’t get that in depth. But calling it my recommended reads will work much better.

I recently finished three books. They are all from the same author and deal with the same basic subject. Secrets and lies. The reason I got three was that is how internet deals work.

Michael Farquhar is a good writer. His wit really shines in the books I got. I would say A Treasury of Deception is really where this witty writing is at its best. Though to be honest when you write about liars and fools, the jokes can write themselves at times. A Treasury of Great American Scandals is a lot of rehash to students of American history. But, as I said the writing really makes it entertaining to rehash those stories again. Though really who doesn’t love reading and rereading the dirty laundry of our own country. The last book and the first I read was Behind the Palace Doors.

Behind the Palace Doors was a fun read because if there is one thing more fun then our own dirty laundry it is seeing others! It gets even better when it involves the British Royals. It seems to me that people can’t get enough of them. Yet how quickly it seems the fervor over the wedding has faded into memory.

In closing I really recommend these for folks who like reading up on the secret and sometimes dark side of history that is often hidden by school books. Now my rant against school books that could kill some time on another day perhaps.

As always, if you have any comments or questions please pass them along or forever hold your peace as they say.


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