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Today feels like a story day. Also sorry for the bad poetry last week. I was trying my hand again at something I don’t do well. As always comments are welcome. Also again I will point out that these stories will continue to be put out from time to time because I sometimes have nothing to review.

An Enchanting Evening.

The room was gorgeous with tall white walls. Ribbons on the walls that draped everything into a deep blue. Delicate white table clothes that reflected and absorbed the blue in the room. Wide windows that let the star light twinkle inside in such a way that I dare not try to describe it. Words could do it no justice. The place seemed as deep as the ocean. The music filling the room was also so enticing. Like a whale’s song it drew me into it deeper and deeper. I was afraid I would lose my self into it. As I sat alone so fully engulfed by the beauty of this grand palace. I felt as if I was one with it. My movements timed to the enchanting song. I wondered how no one else seemed to notice the magic of the place. As I looked at the tables that circled the room. I saw her. It was as if she was made of clouds drifting across the ocean as she made her way across the room so elegantly. The perfect storm indeed I thought. The star light seemed to consume her outline and give her a glow like no other. The dress she wore was so stunningly simple and complex. It was so delicate looking as was she that I dared not look so hard as to shatter her. And as soon as she had manifested into the room like water into clouds she had drifted away into vapor. She was gone and never to be seen again. No one had seemed to notice but me. Just as none had seemed to notice the room. It was a magical place. If I could only stay here forever I thought as I also drifted away into the magic of the room. The music and star light carrying me away like the tide.

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