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Pencilneck is a great comic writtne by Victor Carungi and drawn by Jeff Blascyk. The stroy tells us, 20 years ago Johnathan Kincaid let his twin brother, Jeffery, take the wrap for a crime he comnitted. Since then he has repressed his violent nature so much he has become a weak willed bank manager with the spine of an over cooked noodle. Although not the happiest man in the world, Johnathan has resigned himself to the life of mild-contentment.

This all changes when three men show up at his apartment with Jefferys’ finger. Seems his brothers life never recovered and he is now in dept to some pretty scary men. Johnathan has no choice but to help these men rob his own bank in hopes of saving his brother and easing his own guilt.

The first issue alone is so well condensed it feels like a mini-trade. Many comics feel watered down and light, but Pencilneck, with it’s great page layout and steady pace leaves you feeling satisfied with maybe just enough hunger for the second issue. The entire sis issue series leaves you  full like Thanksgiving. Strong Noir influence, without it being too dank help pull in the reader, instead of trying to distract the reader with overdone mafia gore.

Now I will say the over use of greytone in the art put me off for the first few pages. But by the end I knew no one but Blascyk could have drawn this comic. Each panel gets the attention of the last, not getting sloppy as the story goes on. Perfect facial ecpressions are highlighted with his use of light that too many artist ignore. This style revives the Noir genre for modern times beautifully. With the twisty and strong plot of Carungi, Pencilneck is worthy of shelf space on any drama lovers shelf.

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