Android App-aholics Anonymous (QuickPic)


Name: QuickPic
Usage: Extra fast picture browsing
Price: Free

Android Market Link

A simple app at its core, Quickpic is just a faster version of the Android gallery app.  The app caches your pictures for faster loading and updates its photo list more often the the Android gallery app.  I always have this issue of after taking screenshots for articles like these, the gallery app wouldn’t update fast enough for me to send my pictures to my Mac and write these AAA articles in the amount of time I have available.  Quickpic makes browsing my pictures a lot easier and faster.  The app also allows you to pick which folders on your device are scanned and which are not as well as rotate and crop photos in the app. In a busy day every second counts.

For a fast and free replacement for your slow gallery app check out Quickpic;  it’s worth the time (as little as it will take.)

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