Android App-aholics Anonymous (Netflix)

Name: Netflix
Usage: Streaming movies and tv shows
Price: Free (monthly plan required)


Netflix has finally come to Android devices.  While you can only run it if you own one of these phones: Samsung Nexus S, Evo 4G, Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G2 or Nexus One;  there are ways to make it run on other devices. The app itself is great and it works unbelievably well.

Netflix will allow you to manage your instant queue from inside the app as well as browse suggestions and genres.  I really can’t say how well the app works.  In the playback photos below you’ll notice that, just like all other netfilx apps, the quality depends on your bandwidth.  I ran the app on a 3G connection with Sprint and there was only about 10 seconds of buffering and the quality was fantastic (no if only my battery liked it as much as I did).

If you have one of the handsets that I listed above and have a Netflix account then get the app (don’t think, just do it).  If you have an Android device (the Nook Color works well) then follow the link in the first part of the review to “convince” your device to play nice with the app.

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