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Are you looking for a case to wrap around that pretty little (ok maybe not little) EVO 4G that you’re carrying around?  I am the kind of person who loves naked gadgets and while that might sound dirty, we all have our thing.  Anyway, normally I carry my EVO either in a holster only or in my pocket with no case on it; that is until I got my hands on the Otterbox Defender series case for the EVO.



Otterbox 1Otterbox 3

Otterbox 5Otterbox 2

Otterbox 4


The Defender series of cases are the maximum protection that Otterbox provides for most phones.  The case is made up of a hard plastic case that snaps around your phone and a silicone case that goes over that to hold the plastic halves together.  The case adds a reasonable amount of size to the EVO so if the phone is already a little big for you then you had better just pass this case up.  The EVO has be plagued with what I would call a very common sense yet very bad design decision;  the phone rests on its camera when set on a table.  The Defender case, however, covers the EVO’s camera and flash with a clear plastic material and even has a built in screen protector.  The case does cover up the EVO’s kickstand, but has a kickstand of it’s own built into the case so that you don’t miss out on those impromptu youtube sessions.  You can use the case with or without the included snap holster that holds the phone extremely well and is built as well as the case is.


Overall, I am very pleased with the Otterbox Defender case and would recommend anyone who is hard on their phone to see this and all the other cases that Otterbox offers.


The Defender case for the EVO retails for around $50.


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