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 Or…. Mr. Lillicrap goes to Washington!

D.C. is a strange place. Very strange. Okay let us review this now. D.C. is strange.

Okay that is out of the way.

This is Union Station. The people are great and helpful.

First off my trip to and from was horrible. Amtrak is fun but not a good way to travel. Right now is not a good time to visit Washington anyways. And no it is not about the politics. It is because everything is under construction. That famous reflecting pool that Forrest Gump ran through, it is gone. Just a big hole. Why? Because it was leaky and full of stagnate nasty water. Now it is a big hole surrounded by orange safety fence. It was a wonderful view, i am sure Lincoln really likes looking at it. The Jefferson Memorial was all torn up too. They had a crane stuck inside with Mr. Jefferson. I bet he was happy! I would say that only Arlington was not torn up but they had the mansion gutted for renovations. Sorry if I sound like a downer but it was crazy that they decided to tear up everything at the same time.

I look much better in photos.

If in D.C. do not worry about finding anything to eat. I did not have a horrible eating experience anywhere. I highly recommend Famous Luigi’s. He is famous for a reason! And also the lunch room in the capitol was real good. That really blew me away.

Also of note. Do not even think about trying to get close to the White House. Just let that dream die now. You can go anywhere and do anything you want at any time elsewhere in Washington. You just can’t get close to the White House. I believe the President has a restraining order against the public. The snipers are nice and numerous though.

As my final pieces of advice. Make reservations for everything. Otherwise you will be waiting a good long time. Always take a cab. They are the cheapest mode of transportation. The Metro is a mess and has horrible station placement. I took the subway a few times and quite frankly it was a waste.

Do not bother riding the Metro.

Well folks that is my vacation. Sorry if its kinda short and such. But I am still high strung from the train ride.

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