Apple App-aholics Anonymous: Skee-Ball

Name: Skee-Ball and Skee Free
Compatible Devices: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price: .99 and Free

Welcome to the first installment of the Apple version of 8 DAG’s AA feature. Most of the apps to be featured in the future will be free, and will cover everything but the exclusive iPad apps, unless someone sends me one of thoseā€¦? Moving on.

How many of you spent your hard earned (and by hard earned, I mean looting your parent’s/older sibling’s change collection/purses/wallets) money on the wonderful, but stingy with the tickets, Skee Ball machines? Now you can under-earn tickets from the comfort of wherever you are with your phone or iPod.

Introducing: Skee-Ball and Skee Free from Freeverse, Inc.

Same app, two versions. It comes in a paid version (no ads) for .99 cents and a free version (ads).

The controls are simple. You swipe, the ball rolls. The faster you swipe, the stronger the roll, the slower the swipe, the weaker the roll. You can tilt whatever device you’re using from side to side to add a little spin to the ball, to maybe get those side pockets, but that tends to ruin my shots.

It’s a fun game, and quite useful when waiting for food at a slow restaurant, or competing with your significant other because you’re tired of the small talk and craving some light trash talk on each other’s skills, or lack thereof. And, just maybe, it can be a little addicting.

Oh! Almost forget. You can buy prizes with your digital tickets that can be used in the game, like new balls, and useless little trinkets that seem to disappear after a while.

Actions shots of both versions of the game below. (The free version is, for some reason, snow themed.)

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