Android App-aholics Anonymous (ZDBox)



Name: ZDBox
Usage: System Monitor
Price: Free

Android Market


Simple app time.  ZDBox is a straight and to the point system management and tracking toolbox.  The app contains a task killer, battery meter, traffic meter, “do not disturb” profile manager, app lock, and a storage manager.  ZDBox puts all of these tools on one screen and most of them in the notification bar if you let it.

  • The battery meter measures percentage, time remaining, temperature, and voltage.  At first the time remaining display is a bit off, but it does improve with use.
  • The app lock feature allows you to password protect apps so that other people cannot use them without your say so.
  • The do not disturb feature allows you to set times that you want your device to be silent, vibrate, or enter airplane mode.
  • The app manager allows you to batch move apps to the SD card to save space on your device
  • The traffic meter measures your data usage (great app if you are stuck under an oppressive data cap)

Overall ZDBox is a great app for free so go ahead and give it a try.

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