Top 8 Fat Guys In Comics

Everyone loves a fat guy, here’s the ones you should love in comics.

8. Microbe


Pretty Sweet Costume though!


I really liked this character, he was a fat guy who was sort of smart, but he had an odd power. Microbe can control germs. Now giving bad guys a cold doesn’t seem like a great power, but he used it great. Microbe’s costume didn’t abuse the fact he was heavy either, nor did his powers or name, a rare thing among the flabby hero community. To bad he got blown up and killed a bunch a people.


7. Butterball (Boulder)


Fat guys wear camo colored cargo pants? Hmm, I need to toss those now.


The power of invincibility, a great and useful power. Imagine nothing being able to hurt you, you could walk through fire, be shot at, or be hit by a car without ever worrying about being harmed. Wow, he must be an amazing hero with this power, no. Unfortunately this amazing power was in possession of Butterball, or Boulder as he’d rather be called, a young, doughy, sort of dumb, kid who couldn’t lose the weight or gain muscle due to his invulnerability. He ended up saving many members of the Avengers Initiative and ended his career as a hero by taking the blame for a mistake his team made. I’m still waiting for him to make his triumphant return.


6.  Dr. Octopus


Colors: Wrong. Design: Lame. Haircut: WTF?


A fat old guy with a bad haircut and a worse fashion sense. Doc Ock isn’t necessarily evil, he was robbed of a normal life during an accident and instead of becoming a hero and using his scientific genius to help the world he decided to rob banks. I don’t get it. Some argue the point that he just wanted to fund his research, but Hank Pym, and Beast never seemed to be short in funds for the research they carried out, but Otto here must of never noticed this. Oh Well, he’s fat and we love him for it.


5. Penguin


You know 'cause penguins use umbrellas......


I understand this guys reason for becoming a villain, he’s short, ugly, and fat. He has probably lived a hard long childhood and never really recovered from the constant torture of his peers, add into this his lack of a father and his crazy obsessive mother and you have the makings of a criminal. Oswald didn’t let all his setbacks effect him though, he pushed through, umbrella in hand and became a successful business man. His less than savory dealing landed him a top spot as one of Gotham’s elite criminals and he even bested Batman a few times. Now he owns the Iceberg Lounge, Gotham’s finest nightclub, and hideout for Gotham’s seemingly endless villains. Oswald Cobblepot, you are an inspiration for all those ugly, short, fat, mentally unstable, kids out there, and gingers.


4. Bouncing Boy


Ahh, the language of love.


there are some offensive characters in comics, stereotypical jokes turned into heroes, and you’ll see most of these when I spotlight them in a later list, but Bouncing Boy is one of these characters. There is a strange idea in the heads of the thin that fat people bounce, like fat is made of rubber or something, this has always baffled me. Fat is probably the least bouncy thing ever, it gives like water so when slammed down a fat person will most likely bounce less than a thin person. Science aside, Bouncing Boy was kind of an insult for fat kids and Legion Of Super Heroes tried to fix this by giving their fat kid two things that they thought would make fat kids happy. First, they made him a premier member, even though we all know that fat kids are going to be chosen last for any team and they hooked him up with the hot chick, Duo Damsel, who wasn’t just one hot chick, but TWO! This was a cruel joke if you ask me, and I believe the catalyst that started such atrocities as The King Of Queens, fat guy get cute fat girls, it’s the way of the universe. I’ve never seen a big fat guy, like Bouncing Boy or Kevin James with a smoking hot chick, and I probably never will.


3. Kingpin


White always looks good on fat guys right? Meh, give him purple pants will make that look pop.


Another Rags to riches story like the penguin, only Wilton Fisk has tall and partially handsome, and strong. Kingpin is not a good guy, he has his giant ham sized (and probably flavored) hand in everything from illegal gambling to murder. This is the guy who can bear hug Daredevil into unconsciousness, he isn’t just the fat guy down the street, who walks on a treadmill for 10 minutes and says he worked out, this is a dangerous, very well connected crime lord, who you should watch out for. Luckily, you should be able to outrun him.


2. The Blob


nice thighs, handsome.


Other than the incredibly offensive name, which in no ways hints at his powers, Blob is a good character, He was surprisingly deep and had some great stories where he was scorned by love and had made comments how his weight makes him feel like an outsider. He’s villain, but the hefty kids who read X-Men could agree with his thought process, he was made fun of all the time and now her, time to get even. When Marvel decided to de power Blob, they didn’t just remove his gravity manipulation powers they shrunk him to a reasonable weight and made him have disgusting loose skin that hung from his now thin body. This was a horrible and insensitive move, sending two messages to kids with weight problems, like being fat is a deformity and that if you do try and lose the weight, your going to become a freakish circus act who tries to commit suicide, shame on you Marvel. The fans are still upset with this decision.


1. Volstagg The Enormous




Here’s a champion to fatties everywhere, a God among men, a hearty warrior with out fear and a pants line as big as his heart. Volstagg was seen as a kind of joke when he was introduced, along side his handsome friend Fandrill and his no nonsense buddy Hogun he was the heart and comedy of The Warriors Three. Thor couldn’t of asked for a better or braver friend than Volstagg. He is truly a person to look up to. He never lets his weight get him down and see’s his heft as an advantage in battle more than a horrible condition. I agree that we should try to be healthy, and lose some weight as a nation, but some can’t. To those who are constantly losing the battle with weight, have no fear, our champion Volstagg will show us how to be proud of our weight and make us better people for it.


Volstagg, striking fear into buffet owners everywhere.

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