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With all the recent talk about super heroes I have decided that now is the time for the worlds best super hero to take his place in the movies!

Now this is a superhero!

Now that Disney owns Marvel they can easily get a quality and well made movie out the door. Criminals everywhere will now know the terror that flaps in the dark!

Ready to kick some ass!

I picture a nice origin story with Megavolt as the main villain for the first outing. This will introduce Launchpad and the rest and set a good tone for a series. I think it should be more adult but with some humor. I think Disney could pull it off.

The lead up will be of course battling the Fearsome Five!

THE FEARSOME FIVE, don't mess with these guys!

And of course Darkwing can always have his super hero team up movie… that is if he doesn’t join the Avengers! Which he should, they could use the help.

The Avengers got nothing on this team

 As Darkwing says. Let’s get dangerous!

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