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The City Museum. This is a fun place to go. It really is that simple. If you have not gone then you need to. If you have been, then it is time to go again. If you was just there, then good for you. This is a place that like many others that I enjoy to go to but can never find people to go with. So, call me crazy but I hate going places alone.

First off let me get to the new things they had that I enjoyed the most. Well really it is not new. I just never noticed it. They got an aquarium! Holy cow! It is not the best one. The best aquariums really seem to be up in the New England area, if you wanted my opinion. I think it is because they have such a nautical heritage in that part of the country. Now back to St. Louis. As I said it is a small feature, but seeing as how we have no other option. I love it. The guy running it was nice and the displays were good. And… since you do have to pay extra to get in. Only two dollars. There was no crowd. People who have been down to the City Museum can tell you they are always crowded. So, it is nice to get some breathing room.

Just to let you know how lazy I get in my writing. When I went it was still winter and a few months back. So the roof and outside fun stuff was off limits. I really wanted to go on the roof! The airplanes outside are also fun, but not that time. The roof is newly opened and the home to the famous school bus. I have not really heard what is up there and since it was closed off that information will have to wait.

The one new thing that was open was the 10 story slide. It is a year or two old but new enough to me. This thing is crazy. A 10 story spiral slide. Think about that for a second. Have you ever been on a slide even half that size? Heck, have you ever been on one even more then one story tall? Talk about a never ending slide.

So, as always I had a ton of fun and really the City Museum is the place to be at night. They had more people coming and going then the night club across the street. And I bet it was much cheaper and a lot more fun. Not to mention they have adult drinks if you really think some alcohol will make the night complete. I know I could flesh this out more but really this is a place you need to experience. Words do little justice to this place. The best advice I can give people who have never been is to find a friend who has and get going! And the best advice for those who have been is to find someone who has never went, they will enjoy the heck out of the place!

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