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App Name: Soundhound
Usage: Music tagging
Price: Free


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Almost everyone has heard of the popular smartphone app “Shazam”.  Shazam tags songs using your devices microphone and internet connection (tagging = listening to a song and telling you what it is).  On Android, Shazam has a free and a paid version; the free version only allows you to tag a select number of songs.  Soundhound fixes that problem and fixes problems you didn’t even know were problems.

The first thing to mention about Soundhound is that it is free and while it has a paid ad-free version (the ads are very small) the free app does unlimited tagging.  Soundhound also does something that Shazam can’t and that’s tagging a song just by listening to you sing it.  If you have a song stuck in your head and just can’t seem to get it out then start up Soundhound and tag it so you can listen to it later in an attempt to rid yourself of it.   As a side note, Soundhound also lets you search via text or voice-to-text but when you can sing a tone deaf song to your phone, why would you want to do a thing like voice-to-text.













Overall I can’t think of many compelling reasons not to pick this app up.  If nothing else it might come in handy during a marathon run of name that tune.

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