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When we last left our hero last week, he had found himself in a dire situation. He was facing horrible odds and a challenging foe. We now come to the sensational continuation of this exciting story…..

My plan for Warner Brothers to make some good DC Comics movies…. Part II

First let me explain some background on this. My first assumption with this idea of a Marvel type DC movie universe that leads to the Justice League is this. Batman and Superman will not be in it. I know right now you saying what is this guy thinking? Now here is my reason why I believe they will not make it in. DC likes to keep the big two as separate entities from the rest of the DC universe in the various non-comic media, unless they are the star. Now I do not know about you but if I go to the “it will never happen anyways” Justice League movie, I want to see everyone. I want to see everyone contribute to the team and function as a team. I do not want to see the “Batman/Superman Movie with some random background filler characters who might resemble other heroes” movie. So, I see it as a good thing that I think the big two will be kept from such a project. I will admit though that with out them this could be hard to sell but with the right people running it, I think they can do it. And of course like Marvel is doing they need some lead in movies.

For the characters they need for this, I envision using the original League. Not so much as a homage but because it works. The following is the order and sequence that I think would work best. After the title hero is the villain I feel would work best.

Year 1

1. Flash – Captain Cold & Trickster

2. Aquaman – Black Manta

Year 2

1. Green Lantern – Sinestro

2. Wonder Woman – Cheetah

Year 3

1. Flash & Green Lantern with the introduction of Martian Manhunter – Gorilla Grodd

2. Justice League – Starro

Tune in next week. Same Bat-Channel. Same Bat-Time. To catch part three!

And please avoid these guys if you see them!

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