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App Title: Pulse

Usage:  RSS reader gone graphic

Price: Free

Pulse in the Android Market Here


In app markets, RSS readers tend to be a dime a dozen; so when I find a good one it is quite a surprise.  Pulse is that good one.

The draw of Pulse is that instead of scrolling through headlines the whole time (and who doesn’t like skimming hundreds of articles a day) you get to look at the headlines and the headline image in a blog post.  After Pulse updates you scroll down through your sources and left/right through each sources stories.  Pulse also has a feature that so many RSS readers lack; the ability to cache articles for offline reading.

Screenshot 1

Pulse gives you a list of different sources that are built right into the app, the ability to add sources using their URLs, or to add them from your Google Reader list (Bump is also supported if you have that app installed).

Screenshot 3

Viewing articles in Pulse is a great experience.  All of the article’s images are cached and loaded as soon as you want to read.  Pulse will update in the background if you want it to, but do to all of the images that it downloads I suggest that you turn this feature off until you see what it could do to whatever data plan you have (if you still have unlimited data from AT&T then leave it on and stick it to the man).

Screenshot 2

Pulse is a king among RSS readers.  If you are looking for a way to browse your feeds that is a little more interesting than just looking at headlines fly across your screen, then Pulse is for you.

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