Captain America Trailer Debuts

The Super Bowl revealed the first trailer for Captain America and I was amazed, this looks like it’s going to be amazing, here is the trailer followed by some screen shots that I thought are worth spotlighting. I wanna hear some feedback, I think it looks epic.

Wow right? I’m a huge Cap fan so maybe I’m biased, but damn I’m excited to the point of moisture.

Holy crap, great CGI on the pre-super soldier Steve.

I need to meet these personal trainers that make people like Chris Evans or Jake Gyllenhaal explode into muscle.

I love the shield as well. The cinematography looks pretty good.

HEE HEE! I love it!  need to see this so bad!!!!

Tell me what you think guys!

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  1. I cannot stop giggling like a school girl! I think I scared my sister.

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