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Many who read this may or may not know me, so I will start with an introduction of what is going on here. I decided to answer a request for new material on this website. This column is going to be rather random, and as such, will be what ever comes to my mind. You can expect reviews and commentary on many things– you can also expect my many thoughts on life and my journey through it. So, be prepared for many things, because I never know what I am writing until it is done!

I know this adventure and review is a little late, but why not? A few days ago I went to the theater district in St. Louis and watched Spamalot by Monty Python on the last day it was performed at The Fabulous Fox. But let me start at the beginning.

I had dinner at a nearby restaurant before the performance, The Best Steak House in St. Louis. It is some good eating and set up like a cafeteria. As such, your cooked fresh steak comes on a lunch tray. I had the Best Burger and it was quite good. The place was very busy with both theater goers and local patrons. The food was good and at a good price. I don’t know if I would call it the best, but I was very pleased and might go back if in the area again.

Now, to the play. It was a wonderful experience and I was very surprised by how much I liked it. The play differs from the movie quite a bit. At first I was afraid it would be too similar and not catch my interest.

I was wrong. The story is different enough to warrant the time to watch it, yet similar enough to seem like an old friend! The story was sound and the performers are amazing. Sorry if I am being vague, but I wish to not spoil it for those who have not seen it. Even though it is gone for now it will be back. (It constantly tours the country.)

The Fox is always a wonderful place to go to. My only gripe is the money one spends to go, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. In my unimportant opinion, The Fox is a highlight to St. Louis and one that we all need to cherish. If you have never been, please go. They do offer tour if you don’t think you can sit through a performance.

I hope ya all like what you read and feel free to pester me with comments and questions. I would like to find out about what the audience wants to read so I can adjust what I try to write about. If you don’t fit the needs of the readers the readers will see it fit to ignore you.

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  1. This is a good review as a big fan of Monty Python i been dying to see it.After reading this review i hope i can catch the play before it’s leave town.But being under rants and raves i didn’t see a review coming i cant wait for the next one. !!!!

  2. This is a good review(,) as a big fan of Monty Python i (I have) been dying to see it(unclear, should say Spamalot).( )After reading this review i(I) hope i(I) can catch the play before it’s leave (It leaves) town.(, but) But being under rants and raves i didn’t see a review coming(not sure what this meant I guess it means “It shouldn’t be under Rants and Raves though”)(.) i (I)cant (can’t) wait for the next one. !!!!

    Everything in ( ) are edits. Nice to see children commenting on the internet though.

  3. Yeah, editing a comments section. Way to hone in on Doom’s market there Naziman.

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