First Look At The New Spiderman Costume

This will be the costume that Andrew Garfield will wear in the Spiderman reboot. I think it’s a little too…  S&M. I don’t like the lack of webbing or the strange tribal marking shaped gloves. I’m  not sold on this movie yet and this not helping. Tell me what you think below!

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  1. It doesn’t look so bad too me. I’m not a huge Spiderman fan but this suit looks more athletic and breathable, like he won’t be sweating balls in it.

  2. Not having read the “Ultimate” Spiderman series (mostly because I think the Ultimate’s line is unbelievably stupid) but having seen it on the shelves a lot it seems like this is the direction Marvel has been heading with all of it’s recent movies in an attempt to reach a younger fan-base. I think this costume is a reflection of that Ultimate Spiderman costume. Admittedly I’m more excited about the long-awaited, still-as-yet-unconfirmed Avengers movie but I think launching a new Spiderman could be good. Maybe if they make it darker it’ll be awesome…like Batman.

  3. I do not like this at all. I’ve collected Spider-Man comics, of all kinds and universes/dimensions, and this suit…it’s just wrong. I agree, gloves too tribal, I find his lack of webs disturbing, and this is also increasing my skepticism of the movie. However, Captain America looks amazing!

  4. Spiderman movies are just to hard to tell how it will come out and I can barely see the differences between the suits.

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