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Yes, you’ve read correctly.  From the kindness of author Thomas Laidlaw we will be giving out 15 copies of his brand new ebook Stairway to Arubia.  We interviewed Thomas about his book on the 8 Days a Geek podcast so that he could tell us a little bit about it; so head over to the podcast post and hear Thomas talk about his book in a way only and author can.

If you would like to enter to win a copy of Thomas’ book just send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Stairway”.  No questions to answer or tricks to pull; just send us an email at that address and you are entered.  We will choose the winners after Thomas’ book debutes on December 23rd so don’t delay.

As an extra bonus Thomas has “signed” all of the copies that we are giving away.  The copies for purchase do not include Thomas’ signature in the first pages of the ebook like our 15 copies do.

Next year Thomas and myself have a plan in place to release an audiobook copy of the book right here on read by yours truly; so keep your ear to the ground for that.

Stairway to Arubia will be available through the Barnes and Noble store on December 23rd, 2010.

To hear the interview with Thomas listen to the 8 Days a Geek podcast HERE.

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