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App Title: Adobe Photoshop Express
Usage: A great photo editing suite and image uploader.
Price: Free

Get Photoshop Express for your Android device here.

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Photography is, as you can probably tell, a hobby of mine.  I love all types of photo apps and what better to edit my photos than photoshop.  I use photoshop to edit my photos anyway, so why not put it on my phone too?

Photoshop Express for Android will allow you to edit exposure, saturation, tint, contrast, brightness, plus add effects and crop.  Anything that you need to do to fix your photos after you’ve taken them with your phone this app can do.  I find that the exposure edits are some of the most useful due to the fact that most cell phones don’t shoot in low light very well.


Overall, Adobe’s Photoshop Express is a great app for free.  It doesn’t do absolutly everything that you might want it to but let’s face it, neither does your cell phone’s camera.  If you like taking pictures with your cell phone, add this app to your arsenal and you can’t go wrong.

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