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App Title: SlideScreen

Usage:  Data-rich home screen replacment

Price: Free ($6.99 Pro)

Get this app here on your Android device.


What if you wanted to get a load of information just by looking at your home screen?  You can put a lot of widgets and icons on your home screen, but that will only give you as much info as you have room for.  Slidescreen is a home screen replacement that will put as much data at your fingertips as your screen will hold.

Slidescreen’s main screen contains data such as: missed calls, mms and sms, emails, calendar items, time, date, weather, battery, signal, google reader, facebook, stocks, and twitter.  By sliding the time and date bar up and down you can uncover more data from each section of the screen.

Slidescreen is a homescreen replacement for people who don’t really car for things like widgets and icons.  While the amount of info the app puts on your first screen is great I found myself missing my home screen after a few days.  Slidescreen can be set to open as a standard app for those of you who don’t want to give up your pretty bits.

You may be asking how am I supposed to access my menus and apps from a home screen that has no icons?  If you press your phone’s menu button while in Slidescreen you will get a list of your apps and a section of the screen that you can put icons for your most commonly used apps.  Press the menu button again and you will get a choice to change the app’s settings or your phones settings.

If you want to have a home screen that resembles that of a Windows Phone 7 device (putting most of your data on the home screen) then Slidescreen is for you.  If you like having widgets on your screen to relay info then try the free version on Slidescreen and see if you like it first.  The only difference between the free and paid version of Slidescreen is a small add for the pro version that shows up on the bottom of the free version.


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