AAA: Android App-aholics Anonymous (Dropbox)



App Title: Dropbox

Usage:  Online storage and cross platform syncing for free.

Price: Free

Get this app here on your Android device.


Anyone who has talked to me in person (and let’s face it, that’s a pretty short list) can tell you that if there is one web app that I can’t get enough of its Dropbox.  Dropbox gives anyone who cares to sign up for a username 2GB of free online storage and if you use there computer software they will sync your folders automatically across multiple machines and OS’es.  The people responsible for Dropbox know, however, that not all of us geeks are at our computers all of the time and that’s why they’ve birth this little gem of an app.

The Dropbox app is available on just about every major smartphone platform and available as a web interface to those phones without an app.  By using the Dropbox app on my Android device I am able to view all of my files in my Dropbox (that includes streaming music from the Dropbox itself to play on my radio or in my headphones).  If you are worried about always having an internet connection for a file or have a device that doesn’t always have and internet connection Dropbox covers that too.  Using the apps “favorites” feature tells the app that you want to download a particular file to your device for viewing offline.

Do you like to take pictures with your phone, but are worried that if you drop your phone into a molten pool of liquid magma you might loose all of your precious memories?  Of course you are, who isn’t.  With the Dropbox app you can upload files as well as view them (all files are supported in the latest version, not just photos.  Android APK’s anyone).

The best feature in my opinion is Dropbox’s way of making collaboration a no brainer.  Not only can you send links to your stored files to friends and family, but you can also share entire folders with other users of Dropbox.  Keep a folder of pictures and share it with your parents (it gets synced to their machine automatically), keep a folder of work documents and share it with coworkers, and a billion other scenarios.

Dropbox’s features are too plentiful to list all of them here, but if you sign up for the service you’ll see what I mean.

Overall, get the service and the app.  Its a free online thumb drive so you really don’t have too many reasons not too.


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