Last One Standing:Thanksgiving Edition

So as we set down with are families we need to remember the real reason for Thanksgiving, the Native Americans! Fight:

Chavez Y Chavez

Origin: Young Guns 1&2
Specialty: Throwing knives
Coolest feature: hangs out with Billy the Kid
Lame secret: got his gang high one time, giant chickens and butterflies ensue
Chance of winning: 6/8


Origin: Predator
Specialty: stealth and a big knife
Coolest feature: doesn’t talk much awesome knife
Lame secret: He screamed like a girl when he was killed
Chance of winning: 6/8


Origin: X-Men
Specialty: strength
Coolest feature: took over his brothers mantle of Thunderbird
Lame secret: his brother died on one of his first missions
Chance of winning: 8/8

Apache Chief

Origin: DC’s Superfriends
Specialty: turns into a giant
Coolest feature: he can turn into a giant!
Lame secret: Inyuk-Chuk means Big Man, and he was pretty offensive
Chance of winning: 8/8

Red Cloud

Origin: Late 1800’s Southwestern USA
Specialty: finding peaceful ways to settle problems
Coolest feature: he led the Lakota to many battles peaceful and not.
Lame secret: He’s in the Nebraska hall of fame
Chance of winning: 5/8

Crazy Horse

Origin: Mid to late 1800’s Southwestern USA
Specialty: great warrior
Coolest feature: was a key factor in Custers defeat at the battle of Little Bighorn
Lame secret: his name more closely translates to “his horse is crazy”
Chance of winning: 6/8


Origin: Dell comic’s most noticeably the self titled video game series
Specialty: great with a bow
Coolest feature: he kills dinosaurs with a bow
Lame secret: there have been like 7 versions including one that was a woman
Chance of winning: 7/8


Origin: Mortal Kombat 3
Specialty: throwing spirit axes
Coolest feature: he can turn into a wolf!
Lame secret: he was in the second MK movie
Chance of winning: 8/8

Who wins? Knives apparently. I want to give it to Red Cloud, but my friends say that it really boils down to Warpath having impervious skin, so he gets it!

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